My Obsession with 21 Savage

My obsession with 21 savage is unwavering.

If you are a 21 savage fan, you know where I am coming from when I ask this simple question:

Question: How many times have you listened to your favorite 21 savage song?

Answer: A lot.

Like many other listeners and fans, we cannot get 21 Savage’s music out of our heads. My fiancé, Paul, is especially obsessed with 21 Savage’s addictive track featuring J-Cole, A lot. From experience, 21 Savage’s music tends to have extremely dark themes revolving around violence, drug dealing , and his criminal experiences. However, the track, a lot, is a bit different than his other tracks, as it focuses on family and their tribulations.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Paul to be obsessed with 21 Savage’s music, like myself, as he usually likes metal, old-school hip hop, trip hop, dream pop, and folk music.

From my perspective, if an individual who likes instrumental music and old-school music can appreciate an artist “far” outside their comfort zone, that artist is most likely talented and special. And this is because the artist was talented enough to influence a listener to cross over from listening to other genres to their specific genre.

Interestingly, I recently discovered that my thoughts may have been on to something. Not long ago, I learned that 21 Savage won his first Grammy in 2020 with Paul’s new track obsession, A lot. In my opinion, a Grammy award is a strong indicator that an artist is “special” and “talented”.

21 Savage Showing Off His Grammy

An even newer obsession of ours is 21 Savage’s Cash In Cash Out Song.

Cash In Cash Out is a track produced by Pharrell, but 21 Savage and Tyler the Creator are featured in the transformational track. According to Pitchfork, “the minimalist, blown-out beat and the dynamic verses create an outrageously hard track.”

In my opinion, this track is mind-blowing and next-level. In the past, I dreamt of potential artists that I’d like to see 21 Savage collaborate with. Never did I fathom, that 21 Savage would collaborate with both Tyler the Creator and Pharrell. However, I’m really glad that the collaboration happened. The track is absolutely phenomenal and addictive. It also sets the bar really high as far as future expectations goes. Hopefully, future artists can keep up!

Another obsession of mine with 21 Savage:

I’ve developed a “slight” celebrity crush on 21 Savage.

I’ve developed this crush due to 21 Savage’s masculinity, goal-oriented mindset, style, talent, and rawness. However, 21 Savage cannot compare to my fiancé, as Paul is all of the above as well, plus more. Interestingly, 21 Savage is an air sign like Paul, as 21 Savage is a Libra like myself, and Paul is a Gemini.

On a side note, speaking of crushes, does anyone remember the music video Crush On You by Lil Kim ft. Lil’ Cease? I do.

The Crush on You beat is one of my all-time favorites. Therefore, I was excited to learn P-Diddy’s son did a remix to the song with his new track, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Other 21 Savage tracks that I’m Obsessed With:

Joyner Lucas actually did a cover to this song! Which version is better to you?

My Favorite 21 Savage Parody:

I’ve watched this video 10+ times literally. It still makes me laugh each time.

Thanks for reading!

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