A Dive Into Mulholland Drive – A Suspense Movie to Watch In 2022

Mulholland Drive has been my favorite film of all time for 15 years.

Mulholland Drive is a poignant look at the underbelly of the glitzy and glamorous Hollywood Golden Age.

The film is directed by David Lynch, starring Naomi Watts as the jitterbug contest-winning, naïve, and star-eyed protagonist, Betty. Betty opens the film with a vintage sequence of jitterbug dancing. Betty wins the contest and, in return, wins a trip to Hollywood.

Jitterbug Dancing

In this film, Betty is an aspiring actress with dreams of stardom. Her aesthetic conjures images of vintage Hollywood blondes like Marylin Monroe and Lana Turner.

Betty has an aunt in Hollywood that is a successful actress. This aunt lets Betty use her suite apartment to stay at while she shoots a film in another location.

Betty Elms
Mulholland Drive - Suite Apartment
The Suite Apartment

Betty’s story juxtaposes the other film star, Rita, whom Laura Haring plays.

Rita is a woman experiencing amnesia and head trauma after a substantial car accident caused her vehicle to flip. We see Rita, a presumably successful actress, being transported to what looks like a ritzy award show. Rita is a voluptuous woman that could be related to Betty Paige.

Upon realizing that the men in the car transporting Rita were sent to kill her, Rita runs away from the crash site to the nearest community that could ensure her safety. This is when Rita and Betty’s story intertwine, as Rita locates the suite where Betty is currently staying.

Mulholland Drive - Rita
Rita – Car Accident

Eventually, Betty finds Rita taking a shower in her aunt’s home. This shocks Betty, but she is equally intrigued by Rita.

At the home, Betty gets to know Rita, and they eventually slowly uncover who Rita is, as the car accident gave her amnesia. Betty becomes Rita’s co-investigator as they unravel the story of who attempted to kill Rita. This leads Betty and Rita to meet some fascinating and eerie characters. David lynch seeks to explore the various levels of human consciousness.

Mulholland Drive has a very surreal feeling that makes you uneasy and uncomfortable at points.

Because of this element, the plot can sometimes be hard to follow if you are not paying attention. At first glance, David Lynch’s scenes do not always seem apparent to the plot. David Lynch uses various techniques to ensure the viewer does not always know which realm of consciousness the viewer is in.

Repeated watches of this film are very enlightening, as you can find symbolism in the movie where you did not find it in the previous watch. It resembles a puzzle that gets put together as the film progresses. This element also increases the film’s rewatch ability, as the film never tires.

The performances by those involved, Naomi Watts, Laura Haring, and Justin Theroux, were all stellar. Naomi Watts has my current all-time favorite performance for an actress. The level of emotion and range required to perform as Betty is substantial.

The film encompasses many genres, including psychological thriller, mystery, and drama. Mulholland Drive is the number one film in my favorites for its versatility, endless watches, and staying power.

Thanks for reading! Please check Mulholland Drive out if you haven’t already!

4 responses to “A Dive Into Mulholland Drive – A Suspense Movie to Watch In 2022”

  1. I saw Naomi Watts in funny games, and her name sounds familiar, I hear about her all the time, but couldn’t put a face to the name. I’ll have to watch this movie it sounds good! Now I wanna know Pauls movie suggestion haha


      • I couldn’t tell you any anime movies that I’ve seen, mostly a few series my favorite being Samurai Champloo. As far as Asian movies I can only think of a few with Asian actors or storylines, I love The Joy Luck Club and Snow Falling on Cedars!


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