3 Reasons Why I Admire MGK as a Black Woman

People love to hate Machine Gun Kelly, but I cannot relate, as I truly admire him. Anywhere you go on the web right now, you will easily find the answers to why people hate MGK.

Below are a few examples:

Why I Admire MGK as a Black Woman - YouTube Comments #1
Why I Admire MGK as a Black Woman - YouTube Comments #2
Why I Admire MGK as a Black Woman - YouTube Comments #3

Recently, I’ve learned that I may have an unpopular opinion from the web, as I enjoy many of MGK’s songs. Unlike the dissatisfied commenters above, I truly believe MGK is versatile, talented, and likable. He is also stylish, raw, emotionally available, impish, mysterious, brave, magnetic, energetic, and clever. I’ve also learned he is a Taurus. Taurus men are known for being hard workers, which is accurate, as MGK fits the bill.

However, I’d be a fool if I wholeheartedly praised any human being, as we are all flawed. Moreover, although I’m a fan of MGK, he gives off slight F- boy vibes. Is it a coincidence that he signed to Bad Boy / Interscope years ago? Either way, whether he is a bad boy or an f-boy, I don’t think twice to shout, “that’s my boy!” when he puts out a fire track. Or when I hear his thoughts on astrology and twin flames.

I will now clarify why I like MGK as a black woman.

Reason # 1
He stood up to a very powerful being, Eminem, on World Star Hip Hop.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Machine Gun Kelly “Rap Devil” video, do it. I’ve posted the video below. To summarize, this video is an Eminem diss. In my opinion, the audio track isn’t as impactful as the music video is.

You must watch the video to understand why I like MGK so much. While watching this video, you’ll notice that the minimalist video effects and the impish lyrics keep you hooked.

MGK Dissing Eminem

MGK’s presence is magnetic; his lyrics are seductive, raw, and precise. Even better, he stands up to one of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem. For example, Eminem tends to rap about reading dictionaries. So MGK was spot on when he spit, “F#@kin’ dweeb, all you do is read the dictionary and stay inside”.

He eventually goes in again when he states, “I’m sick of them sweatsuits and them corny hats, let’s talk about it.” One of my favorite verses is when he spits the truth, “I’m stick of you bein’ rich and still mad, let’s talk about it”.

Eminem Dissing MGK

Reason # 2
He is talented and versatile.

If you follow the headlines, you may have learned that Eminem’s diss influenced MGK to switch music genres. To summarize, MGK moved from the rap genre to the pop-punk genre.

In my opinion, the switch was not necessary. Since MGK achieved success before the switch, there is a high likelihood he would have achieved it again had he not switched music genres. For example, the Rap Devil diss received a lot of publicity and respect. See the below comments for clarification. They are responses to MGK’s diss.

YouTube Comments #4
YouTube Comments #5
YouTube Comments #6
YouTube Comments #7

Interestingly, when MGK switched to the pop-punk genre, he achieved his destined success there. To clarify, when MGK released the Tickets to my Downfall album on September 25, 2020, it earned him awards, and it became a big hit.

The Tickets to my Downfall album earned the award for top rock album at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and the iHeartRadio Music Awards for the Alternate-Rock Album of the Year. It received very positive reviews from critics and became his first certified platinum album by the RIAA.

Some of my favorite songs from the Tickets to My Downfall album are Bloody Valentine and Forget Me Too. They remind me a lot of my favorite pop-punk songs that I’d listened to growing up by Paramore.

FYI, MGK recently announced that he’s temporarily done with rock music, and he’s going back to rapping. With this switch, I hope MGK shows the world how talented and versatile he is, again. Other tracks that I enjoy from MGK are Papercuts and Ay.

Reason # 3
He is simply irresistible.

Whether you hate MGK or not, he is still an obsession. On a side note, the Mariah Carey Obsession song that I linked is oddly a diss to Eminem as well. In continuation, MGK is a heartthrob, oddly, even when he has pink hair, painted nails, and pink fur coats. See the below pictures for examples.

This man has so much swag! I know I may seem crazy, but he still has very masculine energy, even when he has borderline feminine swag. Only a few men can get away with this; MGK can.

MGK is Stylish
 MGK is Stylish #2

In closing, I like MGK. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will like him a bit more too. If not, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Let me know your thoughts about MGK in the comments!

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