A Quick Guide to Prevent Wedding Drama – For Soon-To-Be Brides

With your wedding day being right around the corner, you may have reached the breaking point a few times due to unnecessary drama. Honestly, that is quite normal. Unfortunately, weddings tend to bring out sides of people in your life that you have never seen before. 

These sides consist of envy, insecurities, fear, depression, misunderstandings, etc. Unfortunately, many of these things lead to drama. Luckily, there are several ways to lessen the likelihood of drama.

Be Picky About Your Bridesmaids and Wedding Guests

Do not purposely invite drama into the wedding; it creates a toxic environment. You may have a soft spot for an individual prone to causing drama but do not be so naive, as people rarely change. These individuals tend to steal the show badly, potentially ruining wedding festivities for yourself and others. Due to this, be picky about who you invite to the wedding, as they may potentially ruin your day and your reputation in your social circle. Do not be an enabler. 

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”  

Maya Angelou

Refrain from Bragging and Gossiping

Even slightly, it is essential to refrain from bragging during wedding festivities, as others may be susceptible to wedding envy. Moreover, this may be because the individual may be single, unhappy about their current situation, depressed, highly competitive, financially unstable, etc. So be careful not to brag about your upcoming honeymoon, the amount you spent on your dress, etc. 

In addition, it is essential to refrain from gossiping and stop gossiping instantly. Gossiping is incredibly toxic to culture and relationships. Furthermore, it will destroy your dream wedding. 

Have Strategic Seating Charts

Be careful not to sit quarreling individuals next to each other during wedding festivities. Moreover, please do not be so naive as to think that the quarreling parties will somehow magically make mends, either. In all honesty, this is a recipe for disaster, as you may cause a big fight during wedding festivities. 

Limit the Alcohol

Alcohol brings out the worst in individuals sometimes. Moreover, even the sweetest and quietest individuals in the room may become rowdy and rambunctious after having a few drinks. Additionally, alcoholics may be in the crowd. It is often challenging to minimize their drinking habits, especially if many alcoholic beverages are in their vicinity.

Due to this, please limit alcohol consumption at your wedding. This can be achieved by limiting the amount of alcohol purchased for the wedding and each person. In addition, you may ask the bartender to cut individuals off when they’ve had too much to drink. You may also serve wine and beer at your wedding to slow down the bigger drinkers that prefer hard liquor. 

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