Dear Empath

Dear empath, you are essential to those around you. Unfortunately, many may describe you as being sensitive, too nice, or even fake. However, you are a being of great strength, courage, insight, and compassion. Most importantly, you are a phenomenal healer! If you continue to be these things, you will impact humanity unimaginably. So unimaginably, you may not even witness the fruits of your genuine labors. That is okay; just trust that you are making the world a better place. Do not stop being the fantastic and unique person you are.

Once you stop, evil triumphs, as evil never sleeps. Due to your high vibrations, you may often be tested by immeasurable pain, depression, or chaos. However, do not lose yourself in those moments. Even gods can get lost in such bad moments, so try your best to rise above it all! If you do, in the future, you can share your valuable experiences with others who are also down on their luck, as you were. You can explain to them how you survived the worst.

If you do not overcome the tribulations of the world, your experiences may not be as rich or valuable, especially if you give into the evils of the world. So, remain strong, love yourself, remember who you are, and what you stand for. Others may not be around to remind you to do these things. In fact, they may push you to do the opposite.

 So, remember my words when you are tested.

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